Halal Tour Services


New Zealand a 'halal friendly' destination

Tati Travel Limited (Tati) is a New Zealand leading tour company that caters to all walks of life.  We do also provide services for halal based tours. Whether you need halal meals, or wish to pray in your own hotel and looking to find the Qiblah direction, we will serve you to our best ability. This include making sure that your fridge does not include alcoholic beverages. As part of meeting your spiritual needs, we will take you to a local Masjid, if you wish to have your praying recited there. 


We provide A-Z or airport-airport tours. This should give you a peace of mind when traveling with Tati. Our Staff are friendly, welcoming and working round the clock to ensure your complete satisfaction. 


New Zealand is blessed with fine world class Restaurants. We have identified super-duper Restaurants that would provide halal meals and operate to the standard required from the hospitality industry. Email us today @ tours@tatitravel.com or call us from overseas @ +64 21 0229 5286 to make your reservation.  


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