Tati Travel Limited established in 2013 by Marziyeh & Abolfazl Moghdam.  Tati started life as an independent, family run business at Auckland and is proud to be a New Zealand company that has been focusing on incoming into New Zealand. Tati is a member of the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand.


Travel should be life changing and exciting for all ages. Our tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding, and when these experiences are shared with loved ones, they bring you closer together.


Our company built on a foundation of hard work and a passion to be the best we can for our travelers. We take care of every detail of your trip so you can do, see and making memories that will last forever.


Whether it is in north or in south island, you can plan and book your trip to New Zealand on-line or you can discuss your travel needs directly over the phone with us. Imagine seeing geothermal landscapes in Rotorua and Ruapehu, or visiting the glacial valleys and alpine lakes on the West Coast, self-driving, or guided tours throughout New Zealand. By all means give it a try and let us show you the beauty inherited in the very New Zealand mother nature.


Your email and call is essential and important to us. It goes without saying that our clients are the ONLY reason that we exist. We stand by this Motto and we believe in it!



Marziyeh is the owner of Tati Travel Limited. She holds MA in Geography & Tourism Planning. Having spent 17 years working in the travel industry, coupled with her academic experience, she offers expansive knowledge in driving strategy and plans for growth and success. She has a special talent in identifying popular tourism destinations. Her experience as creator of various digital travel materials has boosted Tati’s standing worldwide. She is both an innovative, as well as, a travel entrepreneur.



Abolfazl is Director of Operations at Tati Travel. He has over 18 years experience in the travel industry mainly in managerial levels. He has built an enviable track record across a number of key roles, from Business Development Executive through Marketing & Operations Director. His passion is to look after what a happy and content traveler would expect from his/her travel agent. His familiar statement is…”always put yourself in the traveler’s shoe and see whether you yourself would take that travel package that you are trying to sell to your client”. He is more of a listener than being a simple travel preacher. He believes to understand client needs, it would take more than a mere email correspondence. It requires knowledge, patience and most importantly offering a right solution for a right time.



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